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Gippsland pasture raised beef porterhouse steak 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef mince 500g


Whole Bannockburn Chicken


Chicken Breast 2pc

From $16.00

Chicken Thigh Fillets 500g


Chicken schnitzel 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef burger 4pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef brisket 1kg


Lamb cutlet 5pc


Rare Breed Pork Mince 500g


Meatsmith Butcher's Sausages, 7PC


Lamb rack


Chicken Marylands 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef chuck 500g


Gippsland pasture raised beef cheek 2pc


Chicken Skewers 5pc


Gippsland pasture raised marinated minute steak 400g


Pork, fennel & fermented chilli sausages, 5PC


Rare Breed Pork Shoulder

From $14.00

Toulouse sausages, 5PC


Lamb, Black Garlic and Sorrel Sausages, 5pc


Boneless marinated lamb shoulder 800g


Lamb back strap 2pc


Rare Breed Rolled Pork loin 2kg


Paprika & herb marinated chicken thighs 500g


Diced Lamb Shoulder 500g


Rare Breed Pork Cutlet 2pc


Chicken and green peppercorn sausages, 5PC


Lamb mince 500g


Lamb loin chop 4pc


Boneless Lamb Shoulder 1kg


Rolled lamb loin 500g

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Cuts of Meat

At Meatsmith, you can choose from various cuts of beef to suit your needs. Select from brisket, beef cheek, chuck steak, oyster blade, eye fillet, tenderloin, rump, top side, skirt, flank and short ribs.

Some popular cuts of steak include:

  • Rump steak - a lean, full-flavoured cut that meat lovers adore.
  • Sirloin steak or porterhouse steak - another lean cut that is very tender, flavoursome and juicy.
  • Fillet steak (sometimes called eye fillet or tenderloin) - this is perhaps the most desirable of steaks and the most tender. Fillet steak is very lean with a more mild flavour.
  • Scotch fillet steak - juicy cut that is packed with flavour, scotch fillet is sometimes called boneless rib eye.
  • T-bone steak - great for the BBQ and another good choice for meat lovers. Characterised by the bone in the middle of a tender fillet muscle and a juicy porterhouse.
  • Flat iron steak - cut from the oyster blade, this is a lean cut of beef with a savoury taste.

Meat Online

Choose Meatsmith as the best place to buy premium meat online in Victoria. Shopping with us means accessing the best quality, sustainably reared meat produce that is sourced from ethical and small family-run producers. Whether you are buying our pasture raised O’Connor beef from Gippsland, free-range lamb, ethically-farmed Glen Eyrie pork or tasty free-range Nomad Farms chickens, we only purvey exceptional quality meats at Meatsmith. .

Meat Shop Near Me

For Melbourne based customers looking for a ‘meat shop near me’, we offer our three butcher store locations in Fitzroy, Brighton and St Kilda in Melbourne, Victoria. We understand that some of our customers may not be able to visit us in-store, as such we also offer our range of products through our online shop. Peruse our generous range of local, heritage meat here and place an order with the utmost convenience. We offer free delivery on all orders over $100 in more than 1000 suburbs in Victoria. Choose click and collect to have an order prepared by our staff before arriving in-store.

How to tenderise meat?

There are many ways to make our meats even more delicious by tenderising them. Pounding meat with a mallet breaks down muscle fibres and is a quick and easy method for tenderising. For a flavoursome approach to meat tenderisation, we recommend marinating meat for longer than half an hour before cooking, using flavoursome ingredients. Elements like lemon juice, vinegar or buttermilk can add flavour while at the same time, breaking down sturdy proteins. Another way we like to ensure flavourful and tender meat is to properly salt it before cooking. A day before you plan to cook a cut of meat, it is possible to salt it liberally before putting it back in the fridge, a process known as cry-curing. This salting process adds flavour and helps to tenderise the meat. Before cooking, make sure to take your meat out of the fridge at least half an hour before you begin cooking and allow it to come to room temperature.

Meat cooking methods

Different cuts of meat need different cooking techniques. These vary greatly from animal to animal and depend on where on the animal the cut is from. More muscular cuts need a longer cooking time. If you are cooking a pork shoulder or chuck steak, the best principle to follow is low and slow. That is to say, cook these cuts of meat for a long time on a low flame so they gradually soften and become more tender.

One of the most important things to do with any cut of meat is to allow it to rest before cutting into it. Resting your meat is vital to achieving a tender taste as it allows the juices to redistribute back into the meat instead of spilling out.

How to smoke meat

The secret to smoking meat is to use indirect heat and cooking it over a long period of time. There are many types of coal, charcoal and wood chips to choose from when smoking. Each will permeate meat with a different flavour, ensuring deliciously smoked meat. Ribs are a perfect cut of the beast to smoke - we offer both lamb ribs, beef short ribs and baby back pork ribs at our stores. The beauty of smoked ribs is it results in an incredible melt-in-the-mouth texture as the collagen breaks down the meat. For instructions on how to smoke beef ribs, take a look at our archive here. For perfectly smoked BBQ pork ribs, read this.

Meat Recipes

There are many exceptional dishes you can create with our many incredible cuts of meat. If you would like to brush up on the many meat cooking skills you could acquire, please take a look through our cooking techniques for meat on our archive and discover how to perfectly cook wagyu, roast pork loin, chicken or even how to smoke ribs.

We have a great selection of the best meat recipes on our website, as well. One of our favourites is Dario Cecchini’s brasato al midollo. The secret to this recipe is time, plus a beef shank, rosemary and vin santo. We also love a smoked chilli con carne on a cold winter’s night made with beef chuck steak, plenty of chilli and a range of spices, it goes especially well with a local, cold beer.

For our customers wanting to impress, we recommend our recipe for a slow-roasted shoulder of lamb. Marinated in garlic, lemon zest, oregano, olive oil and salt, it is then cooked for 8 hours at a low temperature in the oven. At the end of this cooking process, the lamb is incredibly moist and utterly delicious. Instead of waiting the full 8 hour time frame, there is also the option to choose one of our pre-cooked Cumulus Inc lamb shoulders that are made by our in-house chefs.

Raw meat dishes

A delicious and light summer dish can be made with high-quality raw meat. Lean cuts of beef suit raw meat dishes best. There are many well known and keenly celebrated dishes that are popular around the globe. Carpaccio is an Italian dish made with thin slices of barely seared eye fillet steak, dressed with vinegar and parmesan cheese. Meatsmith also offers a favourite recipe for French-style beef tartare. While there is often a rather Eurocentric understanding of raw meat dishes, there are many other dishes from other regions that are absolutely delicious. These include Yookhwe from Korea, Ossenworst which is a raw sausage, Mett from Germany, Koi Soi from Thailand, Kitfo from Ethiopia and many more. Raw meat dishes need to be made with only the freshest exceptional quality meat and must be prepared with care.

Discover Victoria’s best meat at Meatsmith now and enjoy free delivery on all orders over $120.

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