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Lamb cutlet 5pc


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Boneless marinated lamb shoulder 800g


Lamb back strap 2pc


Diced Lamb Shoulder 500g


Lamb mince 500g


Lamb loin chop 4pc


Boneless Lamb Shoulder 1kg


Rolled lamb loin 500g


Diced Lamb Leg 500g


Lamb Kofta 4pc


Lamb leg


Lamb Shoulder


Marinated lamb backstrap 400g


Frenched lamb shank ea.


8-hour Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder


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Our Range of Lamb Cuts

At Meatsmith, we have a full range of premium lamb available to suit your needs and recipes. You can select thick-cut lamb chops, trimmed lamb cutlets, lamb shoulder ready to roast, slow-cook or BBQ, frenched lamb shanks, marinated or plain lamb leg and more at our butcher stores.

We also offer a range of products already marinated to save extra-time and hassle. Try our butterflied lamb shoulder marinated in a mix of parsley, thyme, rosemary, garlic, paprika and salt, for a truly delicious meal. Our backstrap brushed with olive oil, honey, fennel seeds, rosemary, orange zest and salt is another great option. For our customers who like some spice, we recommend trying our lamb skewers marinated in a Chermoula spice blend of lemon, garlic, paprika, turmeric, cinnamon, cayenne and olive oil.

How to cook lamb?

Lamb cooking time varies according to the cut, the weight of the meat and whether there is a preference for rare, medium or well-done meat. For slow-roasting lamb cuts, we recommend cooking the meat at 150-170 degrees for 2 hours depending on the weight. The shanks and shoulder make for excellent cuts suited to slow-cooking. For chops, ribs, steaks and kebabs, we would recommend grilling these cuts quickly, over high heat. Marinating or using a rub provides extra flavour and for the best results every time, we recommend using a meat thermometer like the Meater+.

How to tell when your lamb is cooked?

For perfectly cooked lamb every time, follow our guide and invest in a meat thermometer for accuracy. Resting lamb and meat in general is an essential part of the cooking process. During the resting time, the meat continues to cook and can increase 3-6C in temperature. We would recommend removing the meat just before it hits the desired internal temperature to ensure it is cooked to perfection. Meat continues to cook as it rests. 

This is our guide for the internal cooking temperature for lamb:

  • Rare 50°C
  • Medium rare 52–55°C
  • Medium 55–58°C
  • Medium well done 58-62°C
  • Well done 62-75°C

If there is not a meat thermometer on-hand, it is also possible to handle the meat to determine how it is cooked. Follow these guidelines for lamb cooking technique:

  • Very soft to touch indicates the meat is very rare.
  • Soft to the touch means it will be a perfect medium rare.
  • If the meat bounces back or is ‘springy’, it is cooked to medium.
  • A firm to touch is ideal for a well-done range

If you are interested in cooking times depending on the cut, a lamb rack cook time for 2-3 points can be for around 10-15 minutes in a hot oven at 220°C, dependent on how well-cooked the lamb needs to be.

  • How long to cook a leg of lamb? For rare meat, we recommend 35 minutes per kg at 200°C, or 45 minutes per kg if you like your meat more well-cooked.
  • For a lamb roast cooking time, our rule of thumb is 15-20 minutes per 500g at 220°C for rare meat and 20-25 minutes for medium.

Lamb Recipes

If you are searching for inspiration on what to do with lamb, discover our suite of lamb recipes. On our website, we have a brilliant recipe for a spring vegetable and lamb shank soup. This simple recipe is perfect for the start of spring when these ingredients are at their prime, but the weather is still cool enough to indulge our need for a hearty, warming dish.

If you prefer something that packs a punch, try our recipe for roast garlic glazed and smoked lamb ribs. We combine an earthy spice rub with a full-bodied glaze made with roasted garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. For our customers wanting some help refining their cooking techniques, you can read our guide to cooking lamb ribs here. We love cooking meat on the bone because it means maximum flavour. This guide will take you through how to make a spicy lamb rib rub first with a chilli studded North African hot sauce that is aromatic and big on flavour. These are ribs to take your time with - forget about them while they slowly cook in the oven, then enjoy a pre-dinner drink while you finish them on the grill.

For slow cooked lamb lovers, we have something for you. Give into your craving with our recipe for slow roasted lamb shoulder with broadbeans and artichoke. The lamb marinade is full of garlic, lemon zest, oregano, oil and salt and finger-licking good!

If you just need a great accompaniment to your lamb, look no further than our lamb sauce. Made in-house, it is made with delicious lamb stock, rosemary and chicken stock. If there is a preference for the more classic mint sauce for lamb, we have some here. There are many wonderful side dishes to have alongside lamb. At Meatsmith we also stock a range of delicious pantry item and fresh vegetables. We recommend our blue moon potatoes roasted to go with a lamb shoulder or mashed to mop up the delicious sauces from lamb shanks. Meatsmith has an abundance of drink choices to drink with lamb. We stock a range of boutique wines and are sure to have a delicious drop that will pair perfectly with your meat. Come into store to chat to our in-house sommelier, or browse our selection online with detailed descriptions of each wine to choose the right bottle.

Ready Made Lamb Meals

If you are after a delicious lamb meal but needing something quick and easy, we have many homemade ready-made meals cooked by our in-house team of chefs. Let us do the ‘hard-work’ for you - we slow roast our Cumulus Inc lamb shoulders for 8 hours after they have been marinated in garlic, lemon zest and salt. Order our slow cooked lamb shoulder here. For our customers who would like a comfort meal, discover our lamb, pea and sorrel pie. Lamb shoulder is cooked with kipfler potatoes, onions, olive oil, ginger, yoghurt, sour cream, coriander, garlic, nutmeg, cinnamon, chilli, cumin and garam masala. Order these delicious dishes online or come into our stores and pick yours up. Once home, these ready meals can be easily heated up, ready for your enjoyment.

Shop for Australian Lamb Online at Meatsmith

We only purvey premium, free-range Australian lamb at Meatsmith. You can be assured you are getting the most delicious product from sustainable, ethical sources when buying from us. When purchasing our lamb, there is a range of options to give you the ultimate convenience. Come and visit one of our butcher stores in Fitzroy, St Kilda or Brighton and chat to our friendly butchers to select your cut of lamb.

Meatsmith provides a click and collect service for those in a rush. Simply order your lamb online before midnight the day before you want to collect it. We can also arrange for contact-free pickup if you would prefer to stay out of the stores. Customers wishing to have their order delivered to their cars are asked to call the store when they are ready to receive their order.

We understand some customers prefer to order online and have their meat delivered to them at home. We offer home delivery throughout selected suburbs in Victoria from Tuesday to Saturday. Enjoy free delivery for orders over $120 or a flat fee of $18 for orders under $120. Go to our delivery page for more information to see if your suburb is included and what days we currently deliver to your zone.

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