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We procure our pork from Glen Eyrie Rare Breeds Farm in Northern Victoria and Beachport Berkshires on South Australia's Limestone Coast.

Katy Brown at Glen Eyrie Farm supplies us with many breeds of pork - we currently use the Hampshire and Tamworth breeds. Katy’s aim is to continue the tradition of these rare breeds and to preserve the genetics of these traditional pig breeds. All the pork from Katy is free range and ethically farmed. We believe this is crucial to creating a product of this quality. Katy’s animals are processed locally to her farm in Elmore, about 2 hours north of Melbourne.

Beachport Berkshires provide us with incredible quality, free-range pork from their farm on South Australia's Limestone Coast. It's a family-run farm, owned by Mark and Kate Wheal who made the transition to pig farming around a decade ago and have since won awards for the quality and integrity of their husbandry. 

The couple chose to farm purebred Berkshire pigs, a rare breed that is slow-growing and suited to smaller farms. They like keeping things as close to home as possible - rearing their pigs on their own grain and allowing them to roam free. In fact, if you visited their farm, the pigs can be seen meandering through their paddocks, grazing on lush pastures, digging in the dirt, eating their wheat and barley and wallowing in mud on hot days.

Why do we support rare breed pork?
We believe in the importance of free-range, rare breed and small scale farming. The maintenance of these heritage breeds is incredibly important for biodiversity - many of these pig breeds would become extinct if it weren't for the work of farms from Beachport Berkshires and Glen Eyrie Rare Breed Farms

As a result of this careful, slow farming, Berkshire pork is highly marbled and is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. These older breeds of pig also carry more fat, meaning they don't need such thick skin to keep warm - perfect for crackling! Their meat is darker than most pork too, which means incredibly flavoursome meat.

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