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Our primary beef supplier is O’Connor in Gippsland. O’Connor supply us with grass fed and grain fed beef of spectacular quality. We believe that O’Connor supplies some of the finest, most consistent and flavoursome pasture raised beef in Australia. O’Connor are a family owned business and source all their beef from the surrounding Gippsland farms. The breeds are predominantly British in origin such as Hereford and Angus. 

We also buy from a group of small Murray Grey farmers in Gippsland near the town Labertouche. Murray Grey dominated the Victorian beef landscape in the 1970s but with the shift in popularity to breeds such as Angus they became less popular. They are an original Australian breed with British heritage. The meat quality is exceptional and we regard it as the best grass fed beef available because of its sweet flavour and good marbling. Our farmers belong to the Murray Grey Society.

Seasonally we also have access to some of the best Wagyu and Maine-Anjou beef breeds.