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Our Producers

At Meatsmith we pride ourselves of providing the best products to our customers. We go to a great effort to ensure that all of our producers use the best practices, both ethically and sustainably to bring you not only the best tasting products but the process to get the animals to our plate is very considered. We strive on creating relationships with the best farmers, producers and growers to ensure consistent and tasty products that respect the animals, the seasonality and breed conservation.


Our primary beef supplier is O’Connor’s in Gippsland. A family owned processor which sources all of it’s meat in the surrounding district. The breeds in use are predominantly British in origin such as Hereford and Angus. O’Connor’s supply us with grass fed and grain fed beef of terrific quality. Their beef is referred to as ‘pasture raised’. We believe that O’Connor’s supplies some of the finest, most consistent and flavoursome beef in Australia.

We also buy from a group of small farmers that are breeding Murray Grey cattle in Gippsland outside of the town Labertouche. Murray Grey dominated the Victorian beef landscape in the 1970s but with the shift in popularity to breeds such as Angus they became less popular. They are now uncommon. They are an original Australian breed with British heritage many years ago.

It’s meat quality is exceptional and we regard it as the best grass fed beef available because of it’s sweet flavour and good marbling.   Our farmers belong to the Murray Grey Society.

Seasonally we also have access to some of the best Wagyu and Maine-Anjou beef breeds.


Our lamb supply follows the seasons around Australia.

Our primary supply follows the lambing seasons down the east coast of Australia during the year. We buy from a number of suppliers growing old English breeds such as Cheviot, Lincoln, Shropshire, Leicester and Winipole. We work alongside the Heritage Sheep Association and they help us get in contact with their members in order to gain this supply.

All our lamb is free range, from small family owned, multi generation farms. Each breed’s meat quality and characteristics is distinct in it’s own right.


Our pork is mainly through Glen Eyrie Rare Breeds Farm in Northern Victoria.  

Katy Brown supplies us with a number of different breeds of Pork. We currently use the Hampshire and Tamworth breeds. Katy’s aim is to continue the tradition of these rare breeds and to preserve the genetics of these traditional pig breeds. All the pork from Katy is free range and ethically farmed. We believe this is crucial to creating a product of this quality. Katy’s animals are processed locally to her farm in Elmore, about 2 hours north of Melbourne.

We also work with Bundarra Berkshires, McIvor Farm and Otway pork to ensure consistency of supply and quality of provenance and product. 


Our chicken supply is through several different producers in Victoria. 

Bannockburn chickens are free range and hormone free chickens raised near Geelong.  We receive deliveries 5 days a week to ensure a full range and absolute freshness. 

Milking Yard chickens are pasture raised Somerlad chickens raised by Bruce Burton near Daylesford.  Perhaps Australia's finest bird, tasting a Milking Yard chicken revives the memory of what chicken really should taste like. 

Milawa Chickens are free range, organically fed birds from Milawa in Northern Victoria.  Our Milawa chickens are available in both stores as whole birds and pieces.