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Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef porterhouse steak 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef scotch fillet 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised marinated minute steak 400g


Gippsland pasture raised beef rump cap 2pc


Gippsland pasture raised beef rib-eye 1kg


Gippsland Pasture Raised Beef Flank Steak 400g


Gippsland Pasture Raised Dry-Aged Club Steak 600g


Gippsland Pasture Raised Hanger Steak 2pc


Gippsland Pasture Raised Dry-Aged T-bone Steak 800g


Gippsland pasture raised beef rump cap roast 1kg


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Porterhouse steak

The incontestable favourite in steakhouses and pubs across Melbourne, the porterhouse steak comes from the main eye muscle of the steer. When cut thick, it shines when grilled over charcoal. For the ultimate steak night, we like to serve ours with red wine jus and potato gratin as demonstrated in our steak menu. This cut is also delicious when sliced thin and stuffed into a toasted roll with mustard, lettuce and pickles onions for an easy take on a steak sandwich. The two common terms for this cut are sirloin and porterhouse.

Sirloin steak

The sirloin steak is also known as the porterhouse steak. As above, we recommend serving it flame grilled and sliced thinly to make one of the best steak sandwiches.

Rump steak

A rump steak comes off of the hindquarter of the cow. When served whole, it is known as a Pincanha or a rump cap and makes for a succulent roasting cut. Best served with chimichurri sauce.

Flank steak

Flank is a thin cut of steak that comes from the belly of the steer. It either needs to be served medium rare or cooked long and slow for best results.

Rib eye steak

In Australia and New Zealand, a rib eye steak is understood as a bone in scotch fillet. This cut comes from the rib section of the steer and is prized as one of the most flavoursome and celebratory cuts of the animal. We prefer to cook our rib eye steaks in a cast iron pan with plenty of butter or over charcoal. Due to its size, it’s best carved after having a decent resting period to share.

Steak tartare

We have a recipe for steak tartare combining pasture raised beef eye fillet with capers, mustard and anchovies. It’s a delicious dish served as an appetiser with a glass of medium bodied Pinot Noir.

Steak recipes

Our recipe archive includes many steak recipes for how to cook steak. These encompass how to cook steak to your liking, a recipe for a grilled tomahawk steak, techniques for cooking Wagyu and Bistecca alla Fiorentina.

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