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Gippsland Pasture Raised Beef Flank Steak 400g

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Grass fed beef flank steak. This is premium beef raised by free-range farming collectives in Gippsland. These include O'Connor beef. 

Discover more of our pasture-raised and grass-fed beef cuts, here. We have delectable recipes using beef in our archive. Expand your repertoire with a technique for grilling a rib-eye steaksteak tartare and Bistecca alla Fiorentina.  

This is a fresh product, best cooked within 7 days. Check packaging for use by date information.
Each steak will weigh approximately 400g.

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What is flank steak?

Flank steak is a thin cut of tasty, lean meat from the flank part of the beast, below the loin of the animal. This area of beef is hard-working and therefore quite muscular so needs to be cooked either hot and fast or low and slow for a tender tasting result. Often confused with skirt steak, the flank is generally more lean and wonderful to grill on the BBQ.

How to marinate flank steak?

Marinating flank steak is an excellent way to boost flavour and tenderise the meat. Ideally, this cut is best when marinated overnight but even just a few hours will help to impart a good amount of savouriness to the meat. A delicious marinade can be made with lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, parsely, oregano, salt and pepper whisked together. Marinate the flank steak for a few hours before grilling it over charcoal.

How to cook flank steak?

Flank steak either needs to be slow cooked or cooked to a medium-rare cuisson for the most tender result. Slow-cooking is a great way to enjoy this cut of beef as it creates a melt in your mouth texture. Alternatively, flank steak can be quickly grilled over high heat for a medium-rare cuisson.

Flank steak recipe

A delicious way to enjoy flank steak is to use it to create a braciola or beef roll like we do in-store. Butterfly the flank steak then mix together breadcrumbs, parmesan, basil, garlic and pepper. Spread this filling evenly over the meat then roll the meat up into a coil and truss. Sear all sides of the beef until golden then braise in a tomato sugo on a low heat for two to three hours.

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