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12 Hour slow cooked half pork shoulder

12 Hour slow cooked half pork shoulder


Our rare breed, 12 hour pork shoulder half, slow cooked in our Fitzroy kitchen. The shoulder is brined and cooked sous vide for 12 hours, retaining every bit of moisture and flavour. This is one of our best sellers, with foolproof crackling every time - because crackling is one of life's best pleasures.

Ingredients: pork shoulder, salt & olive oil

Meatsmith made in Fitzroy and sold as a half shoulder (approx 1.5kg), this will serve 5-6 people. This will be vacuum sealed, eat within 3-5 days, refer to packaging for use by date information.

12 Hour slow cooked half pork shoulder

12 Hour slow cooked half pork shoulder

12 Hour slow cooked half pork shoulder
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How to cook pork shoulder?

Finish the cooking process at home by roasting the shoulder at 220°C in 3cm of water for 45-60 minutes. The shoulder will be finished when the crackling is golden, blistered and crisp (please note cooking times can vary oven to oven). Alternatively, we also offer the uncooked pork shoulder to complete the entire cooking process from scratch.

Roast pork shoulder cooking times

With our slow roasted shoulder, the hard work is done for you. The final stage (crisping up the crackling) needs a simple technique to complete at home. For those cooking a shoulder from scratch, the general rule is to roast at 240C fan-forced until the skin crackles, before turning the oven down to 160C fan-forced and cooking for 20 minutes per kilogram.

Pork Shoulder Recipes

Roast pork shoulder is a versatile cut that is a wonderful centrepiece for the table. Serve it with roast seasonal vegetables, apple sauce, gravy and plenty of mustard for a traditional roast dinner. It is also delicious in soft, pillowy baos as demonstrated in our recipe for roast pork shoulder, pickled cabbage, crackling and gochujang. There are many delicious sandwiches that can be created with any leftover roast pork too. One we love is made with slices of crusty Baker Bleu bread slathered with mayonnaise, our mustard, some cheddar cheese, pickled fennel and roast pork. It’s delicious enjoyed toasted with a cold beer in hand.

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