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To prepare the ham

Preheat the oven to 220C.

Remove the ham from its packaging.

Using a small, sharp knife, gently run the blade under the surface of the rind. Ideally, leave as much fat intact as possible.

Hold onto the joint of the ham firmly while pulling the whole rind off of the top of the ham.

Using the palm of your hand, gently pat brown sugar all over the fat side of the ham to form a thin layer.

Cut 2cm diamonds into the ham using a sharp knife then stud the centre of each diamond with a clove.

Place the ham on a baking tray and into the oven for 25 to 35 minutes or until golden brown.

How to glaze a ham

Warm the glaze while the ham is baking in the oven.

Empty a jar of Meatsmith ham glaze into a cold saucepan then warm over a low heat.

Take the ham out of the oven, then using a large dessert spoon, gently pour spoonfuls of the glaze over the ham. Ideally, every part of the caramelised fat should be covered with glaze.

Return the ham to the oven and continue to bake for a further 20 minutes for the glaze to set. At this stage, the ham should be warmed through to the bone.

How to carve a whole ham

Allow the ham to cool slightly before starting the carving process.

Place the ham with the shank end on your left side. Using a carving fork and knife, carve thin slices from the ham's opposite end until you hit the bone. Then lay these pieces in a circular fashion on the serving plate.

Continue to carve thin slices off the ham by turning the joint by 45 degrees.

Serve with pickled cherries, cornichons, cumberland sauce and Meatsmith mustard.

How to store a Christmas ham

A whole Meatsmith rare breed ham on the bone can be stored for up to two weeks when using a Christmas ham bag. This process will keep the ham moist and flavourful.

When ready to store, soak the ham bag in two tablespoons of white vinegar diluted with two cups of water.

Wring out any excess liquid from the bag.

Place the whole ham inside the bag and store for up to two weeks.

Steps 1 and 2 can be repeated as the ham bag dries out in the fridge.