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Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet

Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet


Grass-fed eye fillet steak. This is premium beef raised by free-range farming collectives in Gippsland. These include O'Connor Beef.

Each eye fillet will weigh between 180g-190g.

This is a fresh product, best cooked within 2-3 days.

Discover more of our pasture-raised and grass-fed beef cuts, here. We have delectable recipes using beef in our archive. Expand your repertoire with a technique for roasted beef eye fillet, steak au poivresteak tartare and how to grill your steak to your liking.  

Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet

Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet

Gippsland pasture raised beef eye fillet
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Shop for the best quality eye fillet steak at Meatsmith. At Meatsmith, we have a wide collection of delicious beef to discover including scotch fillet, porterhouse steak, rib-eye and more. Enjoy free delivery for orders over $100 in selected suburbs around Victoria, or take advantage of our click & collect option. Our focus is on being able to source some of the best local and the finest quality meat in Australia.

What is eye fillet steak?

Also known as beef tenderloin, this is a lean and supremely tender cut of beef that comes from the hind of the animal. This is an area of the beast that does little work, resulting in a succulent steak. Eye fillet can be cut into steaks like it is here, or as a cooked as a whole roast piece. Try our trussed O’Connor eye fillet roast for an indulgent meal.

Scotch fillet vs eye fillet

Both delicious cuts of meat, many are often confused about the difference between scotch fillet and eye fillet. Scotch fillet comes from the flavoursome forequarter in the rib section of beef, while eye fillet comes from the hind of the beast.

How to cook eye fillet

Eye fillet steak is best cooked on the grill and is a dependable cut of meat. Check out our technique for cooking perfect steak every time here for some helpful hints. We always like to serve our steaks with a side of red wine jus.

Eye fillet recipes

There are many delicious ways to enjoy eye fillet including a trussed roast or in a beef wellington, both of which you can buy online or in-store at Meatsmith. To ensure a perfectly cooked eye fillet roast, read our recipe first. For our customers who love beef wellington but are a little unsure of how to cook it right, be sure to peruse our technique here.