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Confit duck legs

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Two of our confit Aylesbury duck legs—perfect for cassoulet, roast vegetables or in a zingy salad. 

Made with Aylesbury duck legs, salt, quarter spice, duck fat.
This will be vacuum sealed, eat within 3-5 days, refer to packaging for use by date information.
Meatsmith made in Fitzroy, these will weigh a minimum of 250g.
Heat in a 180°C oven for approx. 30 minutes or until the legs are crisp and golden.

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What is duck confit?

Confit duck is generally made with duck legs cooked in duck fat. Confit means to cook very slowly in oil as opposed to deep frying. This method allows for gentle cooking and is often favoured for more sturdy cuts of poultry like duck legs. Our cooked duck legs are an example of delicious duck leg confit.

What does confit mean?

Confit is a French cooking technique for cooking something slowly in oil, often in its own fat. For example, duck cooked slowly in duck fat creates duck confit. Likewise, a vegetable cooked in vegetable oil can be called vegetable confit. Apart from confit duck legs, confit garlic is one of the most popular confit products. As garlic cooks very slowly in oil, it turns into a melt in your mouth texture and is a delicious addition to roast potatoes, salads and roast meat centrepieces.

Confit duck recipe

While time consuming, confit duck is relatively easy to make. Take one duck maryland per person and season with a generous amount of salt. Place the seasoned marylands into a deep dutch oven with three bay leaves and 10 juniper berries. Cover the duck marylands with duck fat, they should be covered by around 2cm of fat. Over a low heat, bring the duck fat to a very low simmer. Cook the duck marylands for up to three hours or until they are meltingly tender. Confit duck legs are delicious eaten alongside braised lentils, stuffed into soft baos or for a decadent red duck curry.

Explore our entire range of ready meals for delicious time-saving produce to help you on your next cooking adventure. Shop for confit duck legs now at Meatsmith and enjoy free delivery on orders of $100 and more in selected suburbs throughout Victoria.

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