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Cheese Kransky

Cheese Kransky


Once you've had our housemade smoked pork and cheese kransky you'll be hooked! Made by our Fitzroy charcutier, these are delicious served as a hot dog with plenty of mustard.

Our gluten-freecheese kransky is made with pork, beef, cheese, potato starch, salt, sugar, mustard powder, fermented red rice & canola oil.

Each packet will contain 4 sausages per packet, weighing490g-520.

Cheese Kransky

Cheese Kransky

Cheese Kransky
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What is a kransky?

A Kransky is a type of smoked pork sausage. Deriving from regions within Eastern Europe, it is an incredibly popular style of smallgood made with pork, spices and (in our case) cheddar cheese. At Meatsmith, our cheese kranskys are made in house with rare breed pork smoked over German beechwood. While traditionally served with braised cabbage and creamy mash, a kransky sausage is delicious stuffed into a toasted bun with plenty of hot mustard.

How to cook kransky?

Our kransky sausages can be boiled, grilled, or hot smoked on the barbecue. To cook the Meatsmith kransky we recommend boiling the sausage in simmering water for up to five minutes then draining it before serving. If grilling the kransky is your preference, we recommend using a charcoal BBQ. Heating the coals to a medium flame before barbequing the sausages over indirect heat for two to three minutes a side then allow to rest for two minutes.

Kransky recipe

Our krankies can be enjoyed in a multitude of ways. We liked to serve a warmed kransky in a toasted potato roll with lashings of tomato sauce, mustard and our Zuni pickle. The Meatsmith smoked kranskies can also be enjoyed as the base of many egg dishes or as a hearty addition to your next BBQ session. Serve with a new potato salad dressed with homemade mayonnaise and the table laid with an abundance of condiments.

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