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Gippsland pasture raised beef mince

Gippsland pasture raised beef mince


Grass-fed beef chuck minced with 20% fat. This is premium beef raised by free-range farming collectives in Gippsland. These include O'Connor Beef.

This is a fresh product, best cooked within 2-3 days.

Discover more of our pasture-raised and grass-fed beef cuts, here. We have delectable recipes using beef in our archive. Expand your repertoire with a technique for smoked chilli con carnecheeseburgers and grilled Asado-cut ribs

Gippsland pasture raised beef mince

Gippsland pasture raised beef mince

Gippsland pasture raised beef mince
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What is mince meat?

Minced meat is finely cut or ground meat and can be made with cuts from many different animals. At Meatsmith, we sell lamb mince, as well as beef and pork mince. All of our minced meat has at least 20% fat which ensures a juicy, delicious product.

How to cook minced meat

Minced meat is a popular ingredient thanks to its versatile nature and low-cost. It can be fried until golden and crispy, or slow-cooked for hours on the stovetop. When frying mince, it is important to do so at medium-high temperature and break it up with the back of a wooden spoon so it cooks evenly. Mince meat is used widely in almost every cuisine, so there are countless recipes to suit your personal tastes.

How to mince meat

The most suitable cut of meat to mince is that which has some fat on it. Meat is minced using either a good butcher’s knife, a grinding machine, or can be done in a food processor if at home.

Mince Recipes

There are so many ways to enjoy minced beef, including in a ragu, dumplings, meatballs, sausage rolls, and curry. Perhaps, the easiest way that springs to mind though is in a hamburger patty. We offer pre-made burger patties prepared by our in-house team, using premium quality O’Connor beef mince. For those looking to make their own rissoles, they are easily made by combining our beef mince with a whisked egg, and any vegetables or herbs to your taste. Explore our recipe for cheese burgers for further inspiration.