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Meater + Meat Thermometer

Meater + Meat Thermometer


We have found the best meat thermometer to make sure we have full control over the cuts we cook. The Meater+ is renowned as the smartest meat thermometer the world over. Not only does it measure cooking temperatures, but it has a few other handy quirks:

  • A built-in Bluetooth repeater that connects to the Meater app on your selected device and reaches 50m in range

  • No wires to get in the way of your cooking

  • Two sensors in one probe to monitor ambient and internal meat temperatures

  • An algorithm to help you estimate cooking and resting time to guarantee consistent results   

Meater + Meat Thermometer

Meater + Meat Thermometer

Meater + Meat Thermometer
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Wireless meat thermometer 

There's no doubt that cooking, barbequing and roasting is one of our absolute favourite pastimes at Meatsmith, and we want it to be as easy as possible. We hate cords getting in the way when we cook, that's where the Meater+ wireless meat thermometer comes in. With the Meater+ digital meat thermometer, there are no wires and no fuss. The Meater+ has one probe and two sensors. Anyone can learn how to use a meat thermometer. Simply, insert the metal prong into the cut of meat being cooked and keep it there for the entire cook time. An application linked between a device and the thermometer allows for an accurate guided cook. 

Meat thermometer bluetooth

The Meater+ is the best meater thermometer because of its bluetooth feature. Travel up to 165 metres away from the Meater+ as it is being used whilst still being in range of the bluetooth function. The Meater+ app linked to the digital meat thermometer on your phone will give you accurate cooking time estimates so the cut of meat will be cooked to perfection. 

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