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'I want to hold your ham' bag

'I want to hold your ham' bag


Our bespoke Meatsmith 'I want to hold your ham' bag is the ultimate accessory for Christmas day. Pair our Christmas ham bag with one of our award-winning and delicious hams. Made from 100% cotton for storing and preserving your ham. Our ham bag is a wonderful gift for yourself or someone special. Made from 100% cotton and designed by Contain Design Studio.

Christmas items are available on delivery days and through click & collect from all stores from December 15 to December 24. Find what days we deliver to you throughout the festive period. Click & Collect from all stores will be available every day during this period. 

'I want to hold your ham' bag

'I want to hold your ham' bag

'I want to hold your ham' bag
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Why use a ham bag?

A ham bag is the best way to store a whole Christmas ham to help maintain its freshness and quality. We recommend keeping your ham whole and not pre-slicing the meat in order to keep it at its absolute best. Using a ham bag and regularly soaking it in vinegar and water will mean that the smoked ham can last longer, preventing it from spoiling.

Ham bag instructions

Our special Christmas bag comes with instructions on how to use a ham bag. They are easy to use and will ensure your meat stays as fresh as possible in the fridge. Before using the bag, be sure to soak it in 4 cups of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. After soaking, wring out any excess solution before placing the ham in the bag. Store in the fridge, and repeat the soaking process every few days or whenever the bag becomes dry to keep your meat moist.

Where to buy a ham bag?

Get your ham on like a professional this year with the Meatsmith Christmas ham bag. The bag is available to purchase online or at any of our Melbourne butcher shops. When you shop with us, you can enjoy free delivery on orders $100+ VIC-wide. Christmas orders will open on October 29th and close by December 15th.

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