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Cumulus Inc. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Cumulus Inc. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder


Everyone's favourite slow-cooked bone-in lamb shoulder made famous by Cumulus Inc. Slow-cooked for 8 hours by us, ready to heat in the oven and top with a squeeze of lemon juice.

Ingredients: lamb shoulder, garlic, olive oil, lemon zest & salt.

Cooking Instructions: Heat your oven to 180°C then remove the lamb from its wrapping. Place the shoulder in an oven-safe dish and heat in the oven for 40 minutes. (Please note cooking times can vary oven to oven).

Each lamb shoulder weighs approx. 900g - a serving for 3-4 people.

This will be vacuum sealed, eat within 3-5 days, refer to packaging for use by date information.

Cumulus Inc. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Cumulus Inc. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

Cumulus Inc. Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder
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What to serve with slow cooked lamb shoulder?

At Meatsmith, we are proud to bring to you the famous Cumulus Inc slow cooked lamb shoulder. Made famous by our colleagues at Flinders Lane restaurant, Cumulus Inc, this is a marinated bone-in lamb shoulder slow cooked for 8 hours. Meatsmith does the slow cooking for you, making sure it is ready for your next dinner party. The Cumulus Inc lamb shoulder is delicious served with our lamb sauce and a squeeze of lemon.

We recommend:

  • Mashed or roasted potatoes
  • Red onions macerated with lemon juice and sumac to cut through the richness of the lamb
  • Seasonal greens
  • Homemade flatbreads to turn your meal into greek inspired souvlaki

If you are running short on time to prepare sides, we can take care of that too. Pick up a serving of our potato gratin. This is a creamy, cheesy crowd pleaser you are sure to love.

How to cook slow cooked lamb shoulder?

If you would like to try and cook lamb shoulder from scratch, let us help you with our recipe for the 8 hour slow cooked lamb here. You can find top quality lamb shoulder on our website and start by marinating the night before in a mix of garlic, lemon zest, oregano, oil and salt. The meat is roasted at 150C for the first two hours of cooking in a tray filled with water and sealed with tin foil. For the remaining 2 hours, the temperature is reduced to 110C and the foil is removed for the final hour of cooking. The most important part is letting your meat rest for at least 30 minutes. It is a labour of love but well worth it for the ambitious home cook.