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Lamb cutlet 5pc

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Individual Victorian lamb cutlets. Cleaned, trimmed (not frenched).

Each cutlet will weigh between 80g and 95g. 

This is a fresh product, best cooked within 2-3 days.

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This is a fresh product, best cooked within 7 days. Check packaging for use by date information.
Each of the 5 cutlets will weigh 80 - 95g

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What are lamb cutlets?

Deliciously tender lamb cutlets are taken from the rib section of the lamb. We find lamb cutlets particularly delicious as a layer of fat covers the meat, keeping it tender whilst it cooks. A lamb rack is a set of cutlets and is available from all Meatsmith butcher stores.

How to cook lamb cutlets?

There are many ways to cook lamb cutlets: grilling them on the BBQ, roasting them quickly in the oven or searing them in a pan. An impressive way to serve lamb cutlets is to french trim them (scraping off the meat from the ends of the rib bones). This results in a more refined plate. A popular way to enjoy cutlets is to crumb them. We like using Panko breadcrumbs to crumb lamb cutlets then frying them in butter and olive oil. This creates a delicious, crisp crust with a moist and tender interior.

How to marinate lamb cutlets?

Marinating lamb cutlets before cooking them will help to tenderise the meat and impart a delicious flavour. Even a quick marinade for 20 minutes can add a delicious depth of flavour. We like to marinate lamb with olive oil, lemon, garlic, salt and fresh oregano.

What to serve with lamb cutlets?

There are some great condiments that are delicious to enjoy alongside lamb available online or in our stores. Choose traditional mint jelly made with fresh mint, cider vinegar and lemon, or try something from the rest of our selection here. When it comes to side dishes, roast potatoes are always welcome, as well as a bowl of green beans dressed with a zingy dressing.

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