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Ortiz Anchovies

Ortiz Anchovies


There is a reason Ortiz anchovies are our favourites. Caught off the Cantabrian coast of Northern Spain, they are cured in salt for five months before being hand filleted and packed in olive oil, making them absolutely plump and delicious. Use in your next steak tartare, on top of a pizza or even on toast.

Each tin will contain approx 47,5g of salted anchovies.

Refrigerate after opening and refer to packaging for use by date information.

Ortiz Anchovies

Ortiz Anchovies

Ortiz Anchovies
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What are anchovies?

Anchovies are small, slender saltwater fish. While they can be eaten fresh, it is more common to find preserved anchovies that can be used for cooking with. White anchovies are only salted briefly before being pickled in vinegar and oil while other types of anchovies can be salted for months. Once cured, salted anchovies provide a delicious, salty flavour to many different dishes.

Ortiz anchovies

Ortiz anchovies are produced by Conservas Ortiz on the Cantabrian coast on Spain’s western coast. These anchovies are caught during the coastal fishing season using traditional methods. After being harvested, the anchovies are salted and left to mature in barrels. They are then filleted by hand and packed in oil. Ortiz anchovies have an incredibly nuanced depth of flavour, meaning that even those of us who are anchovy-averse do enjoy them.

Anchovies recipe

Anchovies can be either the star of the show or used to deeply flavour salads, sauces and stews. Here are some of our favourite preparations for how to cook with anchovies:

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