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Rare Breed Whole Turkey

Rare Breed Whole Turkey


Order a raw whole turkey from Deutscher's in Dadswell Bridge near Horsham, Victoria. Turkey is a Christmas classic. Tender and packed with flavour is how we all want our turkey to be.  Trussed and ready to roast with your choice of size,all Deutscher's turkeys are free-range, rare breed and utterly delicious. We'd definitely recommend our house-made stuffing for extra flavour. Nothing better than when we're all eating turkey together. 

Choose from different sizes of turkey plain. We offer two types of stuffing to accompany a whole roasted turkey: either bread, bacon & sage or a gluten free option of buckwheat, sour cherry & walnut.

This product is coming soon for Christmas.

Rare Breed Whole Turkey

Rare Breed Whole Turkey

Rare Breed Whole Turkey
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How to cook a whole turkey

Whether it’s the first time cooking turkey or the twentieth year running, a whole turkey can be a challenging bird at tim/es. Let us help you cook the perfect Christmas roast this year. Explore our simple technique for cooking turkey breast to perfection. Guaranteed juicy meat on Christmas day when following our step-by-step guide.

Whole turkey recipes

Through years of turkey-cooking experience, we have perfected our technique for making a moist, stuffed turkey breast. Perhaps a little unusually but perfectly Australian, we choose to cook our stuffed turkey breast on a kettle barbeque. After preparing the BBQ, season the stuffed turkey breast generously with salt. Using a probe thermometer to monitor temperature, cook at 110C to an internal temperature of 62C. This will take around 3 hours.

At this point, remove the turkey from the BBQ. Leave the lid off, fully open the bottom dampers and get the coals hot - to prepare for grilling (add more fuel if necessary). 

Once hot, place the turkey breast skin side down over the hot coals. Cook, turning frequently until the skin is dark brown and crispy (being careful to avoid flare-ups). Rest the turkey breast for 15 minutes then carve into slices and serve with plenty of sauce. 

Buy whole turkey

Pre-order your whole turkey for Christmas at Meatsmith. When you shop with us, you can enjoy free delivery on orders $100+ VIC-wide. Christmas orders will open on October 29th and close by December 15th. 

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