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Frenched lamb shank

Frenched lamb shank


Order Victoria's best lamb shanks at Meatsmith. Perfect for braising, these shanks have had their hindquarter frenched and trimmed. Each shank will weigh between 200g and 250g.

As this is a fresh product, we recommend that you cook your shanks within 2-3 days. All of our lamb is free range and comes from small, sustainable, family owned farms.

Discover more of our Victorian lamb cuts, hereWe have delectable recipes using lamb shanks in our archive. Expand your repertoire with our lamb shank and spring vegetable soup.

Frenched lamb shank

Frenched lamb shank

Frenched lamb shank
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What part of the lamb is the shank?

Wondering ‘what is a lamb shank?’ The shank comes from the shin of the lamb -a very flavoursome cut of meat. The foreshank comes from the front of the legs, whilst the hind comes from the back of the legs and is a much meatier section. This cut of meat is incredible; being made from fibres that need to slow cook - providing meat full of flavour. 

Lamb Shank Cooking Time

The muscles of a lamb shank need to be cooked for a long time over low heat to become deliciously tender. We recommend cooking lamb shanks in a low oven to roast or in a slow cooker to braise. Knowing how long to roast a lamb shank is simple. Make sure to get started early, cooking the shanks for at least at 150C for 3 hours to ensure the meat is juicy and tender. At Meatsmith, our lamb shanks are sold on the bone and prepared for you to cook straight away with little prep.

Lamb shank recipe

From lamb shank stew to lamb shank curry, there are many delicious recipes to make with this tasty cut of meat. The trick to cooking lamb shank is to sear it then braise the meat over a low heat until it falls off the bone, creating a melt-in-the-mouth texture. A classic way to cook lamb shanks is to sear them in a cast-iron pot before braising in red wine and beef stock with carrots, onion, celery, tomatoes and your choice of herbs. It is particularly decadent served on a bed of creamy mashed blue moon potatoes