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Moffitts Farm Wiltipoll Lamb

The Francis family at Moffitts Farm do things a little bit differently. Embracing wholeheartedly the welfare of their animals and the land they live on,  they farm a variety of an old English sheep breed, Wiltipoll, on pastures at the base of the Macedon Ranges. The way they farm is three-pronged in nature: they follow a system that prizes the welfare of their livestock, the biodiversity of their land as well as the happiness of their farmers. This is a system of land management the Francis family have named "comfortable farming."

Through a strong connection to land and animal, this family have become trailblazers as they farm sheep in a way that increases the sustainability of environment, rather than diminish it. This gently-natured breed of sheep graze in paddocks covered with herbs amongst trees abundant in native wildlife. Their quiet temperaments and close people-sheep association make them an ideal breed for a farm that prizes strong relationships between livestock and farmer.

Land care & biodiversity

Moffitts Farm use a rotational pasture grazing system which enhances its ecosystem functions and resilience to climate change. Lambs graze on 100% plant-covered soil that is consistently monitored for high levels of soil organic carbon matter. These two factors allow the land at Moffitts Farm to act as a giant sponge, soaking up virtually all rainfall with almost no need for irrigation. 

Since 1986, the Francis family have planted approximately 10,000 trees and shrubs at Moffits Farm. This means that 23% of their land is devoted to tree and shrub corridors which has drastically increased the biodiversity of the land. Over the past 35 years, many native species such as koala (pictured below), echidna, five frog species, skinks, numerous bird species, native perennial grass species, and sugar gliders have made Moffitts Farm their home.

Lamb wellbeing at Moffitts Farm

The paddocks at Moffitts Farm have been specially grown to be abundant in protein, energy and minerals to support the Wiltipoll lambs' unchecked growth. They feast on pastures of brassica, chicory, plantain, lucerne and clovers that provide a full suite of nutrients with no need for added supplements, grains or hay. In fact, the Francis family call their pastures "living hay stacks," meaning theirs is a true pasture-based sheep raising enterprise.

The Wiltipoll sheep have a stress-free life, having learnt to follow when called with no need for dogs or vehicles to muster them from paddock to paddock. This no-stress method of moving livestock is critically important for ensuring an extremely delicious and high quality of lamb. 

The Francis family at Moffitts Farm are pioneers in their field. They support the highest level of livestock welfare where ewes and lambs are left to graze contentedly amongst native wildlife. Their approach to farming is exactly what we aim to champion here at Meatsmith - a true testament to exemplary farming that puts animal, people and the environment first. 
We are thrilled to be able to champion this farm at Meatsmith, receiving lambs over each season. 

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