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Salami Casalingo

Salami Casalingo


Red wine and pepper-infused salami produced by Puopulo in Laverton. A mild tasting salami with coarse cut free-range Victorian pork, pepper and spices. 

Slices should be no thicker than 1.3mm. Sliced thinly, approx. 100g. Best consumed within 3-4 days.

Salami Casalingo

Salami Casalingo

Salami Casalingo
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What is salami?

Salami is a type of salted meat in a casing. There are many different varieties of salami depending on the region it may be from, the spices or the meat used. Generally, salami making is an Italian tradition, but the origins of salami are even older than Ancient Rome itself and different styles of salami can be found from southern to northern Europe.

What is salami made of?

Salami can be made from various meats, but generally it is made from minced pork and pork fat with seasonings added. Different spices are added to the meat which can often include fennel, garlic, salt, pepper, and sometimes wine. At Meatsmith, we offer a variety of different salami depending on your personal preference. Enjoy Tuscan style finocchiona with fennel and garlic; spicy inferno with hot chilli; housemade pepperoni to put on pizza; or the spicy Calabrese n'duja salami, which is spreadable. You can put it onto crusty bread, or render in a pan until crispy and garnish absolutely anything that would be improved by a salty, spicy, porky hit.

How to make salami?

Put simply, salami is made by combining minced pork meat and fat with your preferred spices and herbs. The mixture is then rolled into the shape of a sausage and stuffed into a casing. The salami is then hung up to cure which removes any bacteria and then left to dry out in a dark, cool place.

How to store salami?

Salami can last for a long time if stored correctly. Traditionally, it's ideal to hang salami in a cool, dark place. Otherwise, salami can be easily stored whole in the fridge where it may last for months.