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Lo-Fi Exploration Wine Pack

Lo-Fi Exploration Wine Pack


Six wines, each with a story - whether it's looking to the future of sustainable varieties, recapturing winemaking techniques of the past, or pure and simple drinkability, this is a snapshot of modern wine of the moment.

Each pack includes:

2020 Delinquente ‘Weeping Juan’ Petillant Naturel - Riverland, SA

2019 Unico Zelo ‘Jade & Jasper’ Fiano - Riverland, SA Possible that this may roll vintage

2019 Dub Style ‘Tangerine’ Riesling - Eden Valley, SA

2019 Gigi Rosato - Tuscany, Italy

2019 Athletes of Wine ‘Alto! Alto!!’ Rosso - North East Victoria

2018 Payten & Jones ‘Valley Vignerons’ Sangiovese - Yarra Valley, Victoria

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Not available for pick up in our Brighton store.

Lo-Fi Exploration Wine Pack

Lo-Fi Exploration Wine Pack

Lo-Fi Exploration Wine Pack
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