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Jancis Robinson Aged Wine Decanter

Jancis Robinson Aged Wine Decanter


An elegant decanter from the Jancis Robinson X Richard Brendon of mouth-blown collection of glassware. Jancis Robinson OBE is one of the true queens of the modern-era wine world. To say we hold her in high esteem would be a grand underestimation. Voted as one of the most influential women in the wine world, Jancis views herself more as a wine writer than wine critic. 

Jancis believes that at the heart of a good glass of wine is the vessel it is drunk from. She has collaborated with product designer, Richard Brendon, to design some of the best glassware around. Each vessel is handblown in Slovenia by a small team of master glass blowers who are dedicated to their craft.

The result is a collection of glassware that is essential for any wine connoisseur. While the collection is functionally perfect, it has also been designed to look and feel refined, elegant and timeless.

This is a stunning bottle-shaped decanter that is designed for decanting a mature wine of its sediment whilst ensuring that it is not exposed to too much oxygen. 

The refined shape follows the form of the wine glass and the beautiful mouth-blown stopper adds an element of contemporary design to your table.

Dishwasher safe; Lead free; Mouth blown

Dimensions: 9cm diameter; height


Jancis Robinson Aged Wine Decanter

Jancis Robinson Aged Wine Decanter

Jancis Robinson Aged Wine Decanter
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What is a decanter?

A decanter is a vessel, generally made out of glass, used to serve wine. Decanters can come in many shapes and sizes, depending on the wine variety it is made for. Most decanters will have a round base, allowing for maximum air space to aerate the chosen wine. The decanters designed by Jancis Robinson come in two styles: one for aged wine and one for mature wine. 

What does a decanter do?

Wine decanters are generally used for aerating wine. Aerating wine in a decanter can help to elevate the flavours and aromas of the wine. This can be particularly important for more mature bottles of wine and have built up a tannin profile. 

How to clean a decanter?

It is important to only use hot water when cleaning a decanter as detergent may negatively impact the taste of your next decanted bottle. Simply fill the decanter to half way with hot water then allow to sit for ten minutes. Swill the water around to remove any wine tannins then empty and gently use a soft-bristled brush to dislodge any residue. Repeat this process until the decanter is completely clean then leave to air dry. 

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