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It wouldn't surprise anyone to admit how much we love France here at Meatsmith.

The French are world leaders in the treatment and techniques of many cuts and beasts - from rolling and stuffing poultry to elaborate pastries and grand roasts. We are using this inspiration to take our produce to the next level with a delectable range of trussed meats, pâtés and roasts ready for you.

For the month of July, we will have a range of grand France-inspired products available for pre-order in store and a hand-picked selection online - why not add a little bit of je ne sais quoi to your next meal!

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Pâté en croute 

$75 per kg

Pork, chicken, morels, savoury (a type of herb that is a cross between Rosemary & Thyme-found in our butcher's herb garden!) & vin jaune jelly encased in butter pastry. This is made in the round terrine mould and sold by the slice in store from the charcuterie cabinet. Serve with sliced Baker Bleu ficelle, pickled condiments & Meatsmith mustard

Rillettes de poulet

$65 per kg

Roasted chicken rillettes made from Bannockburn chicken, pork fat, thyme, pepper, salt & quarter spice. Served by the slice from a terrine tin from the charcuterie cabinet. Wonderful with pickles and Meatsmith mustard. 

Jambon persillé

$48 per kg

Brined and cooked pigs head which is then, picked seasoned and set in a parsley jelly. Serve with sliced Baker Bleu ficelle, pickled condiments & Meatsmith mustard.

Saucisson brioche   

$65 per kg

A brioche loaf with Lyonnaise sausage baked inside, available Thursday through Sunday only. This is traditionally eaten toasted or pan-fried. Purchase a slice from our charcuterie cabinet or order a whole loaf.

Boudin noir aux pommes

$38 per kg

Our house-made boudin noir made with pork, onions, pig's blood, Granny Smith apples, spices and calvados.  Sold in the coil but sliced on request. We recommend panfrying then serving with fired eggs and toast.  

Truffle Butter

$16 per 150g log

Salted butter made with truffles - ready to adorn your next roast chicken or steak. 


Beef bourguignon

$24.00 per serving for 2-3 people

The classic stew made with O’Connor beef cheeks, bacon, carrots, garlic, leeks, garlic, mushrooms and red wine. This is super rich comfort food to be eaten alongside pommes de terre purées. To serve simply heat in a hot oven until warm through for around 40 minutes.

Pot au feu

$34 per serving for 2-3 people

The iconic soup made with O'Connor marrow bones, ox tongue, brisket, cheeks as well as carrot, onion and leeks. This is a two course meal packed into one vessel. Warm the pot au feu in a heavy saucepan until piping hot, then lift out your marrow bones. Spread the bone marrow on toasted bread before eating the braised meats. Cornichons and mustard, essential.  

Potato gratin

$14.00 per serving for 2-3 people

Sliced potatoes served with cream, parmesan cheese, garlic and thyme. Ideal as a side dish to compliment French meat items. To serve, heat in a 180C oven until crispy and piping hot for around 30 minutes. Purchase online here.   


Beef en croute

$63 per kg

A Meatsmith favourite. Beef eye fillet steak with a thin layer of foie gras, mushroom Duxelle then wrapped in prosciutto and puff pastry. To cook, heat your oven to 200C then roast your beef en croute whole for around 20 minutes for medium rare. Using a thermometer will provide the best results, here.

Game bird Pithivier

$18.00 each for a serving for one

A traditional French-style rich pastry filled with pheasant, guinea fowl, duck, quail & pork farce. To cook, heat in a 200C for 20 minutes then serve with wilted greens, butter greens or asparagus.  


Pork crépinettes with morels

$42 per kg

Rare breed pork cutlet with chicken liver & morel stuffing, encased in caul fat. Simply roast in the oven at 190C for 25-30 minutes then serve with our Pork Jus and Potato Gratin.

Chicken & hazelnut chou farci

$35 per kg

Chicken mince with hazelnuts, onion, artichoke and madeira and spices, wrapped in steamed savoy cabbage. To cook, simply bake in a small dish half filled with chicken stock. Then add time and roast for 25 minutes at 180C. 

Veal Paupiette

$56 per kg

Veal parcels made with minced veal, brandied leeks and prunes - topped with a bone marrow disc. 

Lapin Marine

$62 per kg

Rabbit pieces marinated in vermouth, black garlic, lemon and fresh herbs. Ideal for a slow braise and to be eaten with a rich serving of pommes de terre purées. 

Poulet Rôti

$32 per kg - approx. 1.3kg each

Whole corn fed chicken from the NSW Hinterland - ready to be roasted. Stuffed with an herb bundle, layered with pancetta and with frenched drumsticks.

Canard Rôti

$85 each - approx 2.2kg a duck

Whole Great Ocean Duck, trussed and ready to roast - stuffed with a fresh herb bundle. 

Lamb noisette

$39 per kg

Boneless lamb saddle, ready to roast and stuffed with lemon and thyme.

Côte de Boeuf 

$52 per kg

Our O'Connor rib eye - ready to roast. Serve with a disc our house made truffle butter on top.

Saucisse d'agneau

$23 per kg

Lamb sausage made with herbes de provence and honey. Wonderful on the BBQ and delicious with braised white beans.