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Streaky Bacon

Streaky Bacon


Our house smoked streaky bacon, made from free-range pork belly. Delicious in a BLT and essential for your bacon and eggs. 

Approx. 250g of streaky bacon per packet. 

This middle bacon will be vacuum sealed, please refer to packaging for use by information & consume within 7 days.

Streaky Bacon

Streaky Bacon

Streaky Bacon
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How long does bacon last?

This streaky bacon will be vacuum sealed, please refer to packaging for use by information and consume within 7 days.

What is bacon?

Bacon needs no introduction as a much-loved smallgood enjoyed across the world. It is generally a type of salt cured pork made with the belly or loin taken from the side of a pig. Before the modern era, bacon was originally conceived as salted pork belly - a method of preserving animal protein that dates back to ancient China. There, pork was generally referred to as ‘bacon’. This small good has evolved over time and today, it is a fatty and delicious cut that is often smoked. Bacon packs a punch flavour wise and is a great mix of umami, salty, and smoky all at once. At Meatsmith, we offer both streaky bacon and middle bacon. Our streaky bacon is made from pork belly, whereas our middle bacon is made from the loin of the pig.

How to make bacon?

Bacon is made by brining a piece of pork overnight with salt and other seasonings before being left for one to two weeks to cure. The curing seasoning is then washed off, dried and smoked to enrich the flavour further. Bacon that does not go through the smoking process will instead be left to cure for a longer period.

How to cook bacon?

It is possible to cook bacon in a frying pan, on the barbeque or in the oven. To grill bacon, allow it to first come to room temperature before putting on the hot skillet. Put your bacon on into a cold pan with some oil and then turn the heat to medium. Turn it regularly until it is golden and crisp. For those cooking a lot of bacon, it may make more sense to cook it in the oven. To bake your bacon, put it into a cold oven and then turn the heat up to 200 degrees. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes until it’s golden and crisp.