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Rare Breed Ham

Rare Breed Ham


Our prize-winning house-made Tamworth rare breed ham.  This has been pickled then smoked for 8 hours. Wonderful for toasted sandwiches & omelettes.

Approximately 10 slices of ham per packet, 250g. Best consumed within 3-4 days.

This ham will be vacuum sealed, please refer to packaging for use by information & consume within 3-4 days.

Rare Breed Ham

Rare Breed Ham

Rare Breed Ham
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What is ham?

This tasty cut of meat comes from the back of the thigh or rump of pigs. A staple in many fridges around Australia, ham can be fresh, cured, smoked, bone-in and bone-out. Our ham is ready to eat and enjoy immediately - it does not require any cooking.

How to store ham

Sliced ham is best eaten when fresh, so once the vacuum seal package is open consume the ham within 3 days. Alternatively, a whole leg of ham can last longer in the fridge, as long as the cut edge is sufficiently well covered. 

Ham Recipes

There are many delicious ways to enjoy sliced ham at home. We recommend adding it as a simple touch to a generous charcuterie board. Our ham is delicious added to toasted sourdough bread with tasty cheddar cheese ready to be grilled in in the oven for the ultimate in cheese on toast. For a slightly more involved gourmet sandwich, explore our recipe for Muffaletta. This is a sandwich that is jam-packed with cured meats, pickled vegetables and cheese. Made in what was deemed as New Orleans' 'Little Palermo,' this sandwich was made popular by the owner of a Sicilian delicatessen in 1906 and this is our interpretation of the recipe. Ham lovers should also try our homemade pithivier. This round ham & cheese pastry originates from France and is utterly delicious.

Another classic way to celebrate ham is in pea and ham soup. Pick up our ham hock to create it on a cool Melbourne evening yourself. 

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